Top 5 Nifty Must-Haves For Newborns

I've been putting this post off for a while, but I need to tap into that memory box now before it all becomes one big blurry moment. My son is now 2 years, yet somehow it feels like we've been at this for 5 years already. I'm sure all parents can agree that although the nights are long, the days fly by quickly.

I miss the fluffy part about having a newborn, but I certainly don't miss the extra-long nights, particularly the period we fought with this acid reflux. But that's a discussion for another post, so let's get into the Top 5 Nifty Must-Haves For Newborns.

Budgeting for a newborn

Adding new members to the family is no small feat. Therefore, I will start by saying this - there is so much out there on offer, from strollers to feeding and bathing tools. It all comes down to focusing on what you really need and if you have any wiggle room for the "wants" then by all means. My list comprises of both.

Establishing our budget to welcome our newborn was important, but so was establishing what we needed vs. what we wanted. Practicality and functionality were at the focal point of our decision making. We wanted to make sure that what we were getting was firstly useful and secondly, that we would use it for at least 12 months.

Other experienced moms warned us about buying unnecessary stuff and truly, you don't really understand what that means until baby has arrived. Also what one baby needs, is not what all babies would need. This is me simply sharing our experiences as first-time parents to a baby boy.

The List

I narrowed down my list to just 5 top items, that I feel were super essential and useful in our first days and continued to be useful until he was at least 12 months old.

1. Doona 2-in-1 (car seat & stroller)

In the stroller category, we went with the Doona. It is unmatched. It is not the cheapest in the market, but it certainly isn't the most expensive. The rationale with this purchase was simple if I needed to do a store run with the baby and I went 'alone" just baby and me, what would be the simplest solution for that arduous exercise from car seat to stroller and all arrows pointed to the Doona. Celebs love it, others endorse it and simply put, it is was a great purchase. (It was really awesome for airport trips as well.) Longevity - we used it until he was about a year old. Drawback - storage space is not standard, you need to purchase add ons. Price - R6500 ish

2. Angel Care Monitor - Angelcare AC320 - Video & Sound Monitor Baby monitoring was essential for us, because true to form, we also watched our son like hawks in the first days, making sure he was breathing etc. And even with the help of technology, we did a manual check. With that said, during his naps, it allowed us to watch from a small distance away while we took care of other chores around the house. We opted for the basic monitor, but there are other models available - for example, some track movement etc. We didn't feel the need for that. Longevity - we still use it to this day, he is now 2 years old. Drawback - no real issues. Price - R3300 ish

3. Bumbo Multi-Seat This was a super nifty purchase around the time that we started to introduce solids and of course when could sit upright. The novelty of feeding was both new to him and us, so being able to plonk the seat on the dinner table or any secure surface was handy. Longevity - we used it until he was about a year old. Drawback - you will need to get a proper feeding chair after 12 months Price - R700 ish

4. 4MOM's MamaRoo 4 This purchase was contentious and would definitely fall under the "wants" category. Not only was it a challenge to purchase it because at the time there weren't any locally available, but when it did come. my son spent very little time on it. I still believe it's a great product, however, with Mason and his reflux, the last thing he wanted was something that would make his liquids move around in his tummy. So when he was on it, it was turned off. Eventually, at around 6 months, we would turn it on but even then, he wasn't that interested in it. The photo below was captured on one of the few good days that he loved being on it. Longevity - we packed it away when he was a year old, however, it can support babies until they are about 15 kgs. Drawback - not ideal for babies with severe reflux issues. Price - R5000 ish

5. AngelCare Bath Support and Ring Essential doesn't even begin to describe it. It made bath times that much fun and convenient for us and the baby. When our son was getting the hang of sitting, we even purchased the support ring. I must admit the ring was not as functional as the standard bath support. Longevity - we used it until 18 months Drawback - no real issues Price - R500 ish

That brings me to the end of my list of super nifty must-haves for newborns.

Feel free to comment and let me know if you had any experiences with any of the above and how it worked out for you and your LO.

Until the next post.



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