Publicly Private | Navigating Through Social Media as a Mom

I believe there is a fine line between sharing and over-sharing on social media. In fact, it really is hard to discern. Since giving birth to my son, I've given much thought to how much I want to share versus how much I want to keep to myself particularly on social media.

I feel as though we have all been through the mania of "oversharing" particularly on Instagram or Facebook. I certainly had my fair share -- from the most benign details to basically sharing nonsense. But then it became a little deeper. I began to ask myself, "what is the purpose of sharing all this", and that's when I pulled it all back a little bit.

In fact, after my son was born, I went more private. I reset my feed and deleted older posts. Anything before the birth, I deleted. New canvas to paint on, I thought. With him in the picture and being so young, fragile and just pure and innocent, I felt that I wanted none of it tarnished. I wanted him free of judgement if you will. So I chose to hide his little face in every piece of content that I shared.

I knew this wasn't going to be forever, but I wanted his cute little face to be my little secret, mine and my village. The friends and family that came over or called to find out about him or us. This felt right for me at the time and looking back now, it was a good decision. I did this until he turned 1.


Fast forward to almost a year later, my baby is now a toddler.

Now that he is 2 years old, I feel a lot more comfortable with sharing his face and a few more details about our life, still somewhat private but more like "publicly private", out there but not too out there but also what you see are real and raw moments. Flawed and exposed. Less staged, more life-in-action type of photos.

I now try to photograph moments, without completely disrupting the moment too much, which is different from what I did before. I would obsessively try to create a perfect scenario for the sake of a "perfect IG pic". The idea of perfect IG moments is well-intentioned at first, but completely unsustainable, especially after you add a baby/toddler to the equation.

The Secret

Time is a hugely prized commodity in my world and when it comes to curating my IG page I've made this work with the help of editing apps like Lightroom. A simple colour filter has helped me curate a feed that looks consistent and vibrant without the fuss to ensuring the perfect light etc. Trust me, you can do it, it's so simple - my presets are available online, check them out.

Using the presets not only helps with low light images but also in cases where you are fresh-faced and still feel cute. With the saturation tool, you can easily add colour and vibrance to photos. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself below.

I've been using this preset since resetting my IG page and I love it. I would recommend it for anyone who loves a curate feel to their feed.

Let me know your thoughts on curated feeds, overkill or pretty cool?



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