Keep Calm and "Mommy On"

If you have been waiting for the dust to settle, wait no more. This is it!

Whether you call it "the new normal" or "the better normal" - however, you prefer it, this is life as we now know it. Sunny with a chance of chaos and maybe just a sprinkle of global pandemic version 2.0 for dramatic effect.

So, pull out the loungewear, the new "I actually made an effort" and try to keep calm and "mommy on".

Stay Hopeful

I know this is easier said than done.

It's also easy to think about it for a moment and then bury the thought so deep because it honestly feels like an unfathomable feeling at times, especially when all around bad news and sad news seem to travel fast.

I read this somewhere and it stuck -

More is happening in this season than YOU can see; take confidence

Personally, I can't keep up with all the affirmations on social media. Perhaps I follow far too many "self-help and feel-good accounts" to properly mull on the meaning of them all. But between that and following accounts that make me feel that my life is not glamorous ... the self-help accounts are a far better alternative. Truth is, too much of anything is not good for you.

Mental health remains a key focus in my daily life and routine. I've become more self-aware and yes, I have the pandemic to thank for that.

What I cannot seem to grasp is how time seems to be flying suddenly.

Dawned on me that I've not posted on the blog in a minute. I did warn you in my earlier posts -- this time the blog will work around my life and not the other way around. I have posted on my IG more frequently, mostly updates with or about my toddler. The way I see it, living the moment is more important than obsessively documenting or curating it. A change in behaviour on my part was needed.

With that said, I have so much to write about. So many notes that I've jotted down loosely to someday tie it all up on a blog post.

A thought...

The first thought that I want to share with you is: Worrying solves nothing.

Perhaps you need to loosen your grip on worry, on self-doubt and fear. You TOTALLY GOT THIS!

On fear as well, let go of the emotions that hold you back, the failure or rejection you experienced was there to redirect you. It was never a reflection of your worth.

Surrender! Keep calm and live on or "mommy-on" if you are a mom.

This is not the time to dim your shine, if anything, it is the time to shine even brighter.

You deserve a life wilder and larger than your imagination.



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