Buying second hand items for your baby is totally ok!

Hey Moms!!!

Are you hanging in there strong?

The general consensus with some of my fellow mom-friends is that some days are really good and others are really tough but we power through them.

I wanted to share with you my latest finding, which technically is only news to me but not for many of you, which is why I have a huge bone to pick with you all today - why did none of you tell me about the second-hand a.ka. preloved baby goods market? After stumbling onto a few pages on Instagram a few months ago, I was left thinking what rock had I been under that I didn't catch wind of it before my baby investment when prepping for my son 2 years ago??

I could have been rocking the stroller that I had my heart set on for months, but I just couldn't bring myself to buy something so pricey without knowing what my son's future needs would look like.

The big misconception and misleading thought is that everything for your precious little one needs to be brand spanking new! As a first-time mom, I get that and I confess to falling into the trap! But like you and I, most moms really know how to keep items in great shape. I was amazed to find items in the most impeccable condition. I have not bought anything yet, but I have sold a few!!! That's right, the gift that keeps on giving - not only can you shop and buy bargains, you can SELL too! My storage room is finally decluttered and I have been able to get some money back.

This entire experience was a major epiphany for me. Not only did I think about what I could have bought, I can now also look at getting back some of that money. My LO has outgrown so many things, it's incredible just how much stuff is suddenly deemed unnecessary after just 12 months.

The true essence of the buying and selling preloved goods is community - I realised then and there that as women, we can all agree on one thing: we bought a lot and mostly stuff that had a very short shelf life. So naturally, unless you are keeping it for the next baby, why not sell it and get some of the money back. Genius! I'm sure it took a mom or a group of moms to find this clear, gigantic gap in the market to make a business from it. So just in case you're wondering whether it makes you a terrible mom/ parent if you buy pre-loved goods, don't. It's totally ok to buy pre-loved goods, and it's also ok to sell. We are all in this together. You get so save money AND inadvertently saving the planet 😉 !! This one just ticked all my boxes.

Let me hook you up

On that note and because sharing is caring, I have compiled another list for you - The best places to buy second-hand and pre-loved baby clothes, furniture, prams, car seats & more in South Africa:

  1. Pr3loved SA

  2. Pre Loved Kids Merch SA

  3. We Buy Prams

Short list for now, but I will keep updating as I find new and trusted marketplaces.

Have you bought any preloved items for your baby? Share your experience with me - find me on IG or FB.

With love,

(A very tired, sleep deprived, over worked but happy mom)



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