Friends & Fashion

What is life without friends & fashion? Still life, but a tad boring. I love my girls and time with them is what I consider as “self-care”.

Let it be known that in my life I will go through life’s phases of everything, but the two constant things that will remain at the top as favourites or major mood boosters are my friends & any reason to be “fashunnnnnn”.

I know I’m being extra right now, but it is August (also known as #LeoSeason or #SlaySeason) pick your poison. So in the words of my new celeb obsession “Lizzo” – ‘scuse me while I feel myself 😉

Like I said #LeoSeason

Sex and the City (the series), remains in my top 5 of all time shows and although it’s widely known for the out-of-this-world fashion features and Carrie Bradshaw’s complicated love life, what resonated with me was the friendship dynamics of all four amazing characters – Sam, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. My theory, after watching all six seasons about three times (only) is that most women embody qualities from all four characters – although of course in my wild thoughts I am Carrie minus the drama and the fabulous closet filled with Manolos and Choos.

But you know what, amidst the materialistic lust of the New York city portrayed in the show, lies a really deep message about friendship. In the end, the biggest takeout has been to become a great friend to my girlfriends – by great I mean reliable, comforting, supportive and above all a good listener.


So even though #MomLife has me busy like never before, it is important that as part of my self-care, I dedicate time for my girls and do fun things with them like celebrate Women’s Day with a brunch and music festival.

20 years worth of Friendship in one photo.

They say nothing lasts forever; dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.

– Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City)

I am one lucky girl to have met and kept these amazing women in my life for two whole decades. And since it is Women’s Month, I celebrate them! I celebrate their pain, their scars, their beauty, their flaws and successes, past, present and future. Life is sweeter with them in it and I am simply grateful.

Happy August Friends.


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