My Baby “Sprinkle”

My gorgeous girlfriends surprised me with a baby shower, better yet a baby “sprinkle” this past weekend and my darling boyfriend was in on the entire surprise, still have no clue how I didn’t figure it all out sooner. 

The afternoon was filled with so much love and laughter, of course there is nothing like a room filled with my closest and dearest girlfriends all there to celebrate a precious moment in my life. Very few things come to close to this feeling of support from a rock solid sisterhood.

With this post, I aim to return the gesture of honouring them for an amazing event – my heart is full ladies! Life is so much better because I get to share it with you all. 

A major “Thank you” with all my heart to my best friends Dominique, Shanell and Ternielle for coming together and taking the time to put everything together. Life Hack #15 – get yourself lifelong girlfriends that can pull off a surprise party in your honour. So grateful for you all and blessed to be able to always lean on our 15+ years of friendship. 

Inside my Baby Shower

8.12.2018 – My very happy “sprinkle” day! Spoiled with love and the most gorgeous and thoughtful gifts. 

Thank you to all my lovely ladies that also contributed to the day – Shireen, Tania, Rosette, Tina, Venilde and Vanessa. 

The Decor “Boho Baby”

Proof that my girls and I always in sync – I dressed to the theme without even knowing it (truth be told, this two-piece is part of a selected few items that still fit me lol). 

Fun & Games

Funny now, but getting the wrong answer then was not so yummy LOL. Absolutely loved all my gifts – thank you so much ladies. 

I love you all! The chocolate on my face was worth every sprinkle, love all my gifts. 

Carla XIII Baby Shower


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