10 Natural Hair Brands Available in SA

I just had to help my sisters out with a post featuring at least 10 Natural Hair Brands Available in South Africa – more specifically at Clicks Stores nationwide.

My Current Favourite Brand

Whenever I think I’m completely sold on one brand, I try a new one that just wins me over… sometimes not because I am not satisfied with what I’m using but because the needs of my hair often change, largely due to weather and climate.

In SA my hair tends to need a whole lot of hydration, however this is somewhat a challenge as too much hydration weighs my hair down and my favourite look is usually voluminous light curls. 

I took a leap of faith about a month ago and came across Not Your Mother’s Naturals – and I’m so happy at the moment with everything from the shampoo to the curl cream. Best of all, it’s super affordable, the cheapest I’ve bought in a very long time. 

carlaxiii blog 10 Natural Hair Brands Available in SA
NYM Shampoo and Conditioner – smells divine! #Coconut4Everything
carlaxiii blog 10 Natural Hair Brands Available in SA
Length and moisture check.

The List

Whether you are curly or coily, you will find your match somewhere in these ranges. The key is to know you hair type and forget the hype! 

  1. Not Your Mother’s Naturals 
  2. Shea Moisture
  3. Aunt Jackie’s
  4. Palmer’s Natural Hair Care range
  5. Design Essentials 
  6. Marc Anthony 
  7. Cantu
  8. Maui Moisture
  9. Noughty 97% Natural 
  10. OGX 
carlaxiii blog 10 Natural Hair Brands Available in SA
My favourite on-the-go products that I use to refresh my curls!

In conclusion, I have found that mixing and matching from different ranges actually works out so much better, for your hair and even for your pocket. Some brands market hard, but may not give you the results you need – take the type to know your curl type, do a little research, watch a few reviews and you will get it right eventually. 

Let me know which of these products you’ve tried and tested before, and which you love most. 

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