carla xiii how to style the bump

Style The Bump & 20 Week Pregnancy Update

Time has flown, where did it go?

I’m 20 weeks into my pregnancy and there’s much to unpack with regards to “styling the bump”, when your body is on a perpetual cycle of change – what I wore 2 weeks ago, no longer fits! With that said, I’ve still not found the need to buy “maternity clothes”, I’ve simply added a few oversized shirt dresses to my current closet and brought out all my Spring/Summer dresses. The main contributor to this could be that my pregnancy falls largely in the warmer seasons, something tells I’d be singing a completely different tune if I were to be pregnant in Winter. 

In celebration of “Sun’s Out, Bump’s Out”, I thought I would do a style-the-bump series of my own to inspire a few moms-to-be out there and to showcase to the mom-to-become that it won’t be the end of the world when your time comes to cater to an extended part of you known as “the bump”. Some experienced moms have even confessed to me that that they miss the bump.

Bump Talk

There are few cautions that no one cared to warn me about, main one being your underwear. You will need to get very comfy pairs of intimate wear to cater to your enlarging and sensitive breasts.  Luckily, I’ve always been small, so I’ve a few bigger ones in my existing closet which I bought by mistake. Suffice to say that I’ve enjoyed every inch of that enlargement so far lol!!! 

My heels have been shoved to back and I’ve had to add a few more sandals. Up until 15 weeks, I could wear my heels but I wouldn’t last very long before I would start feeling some discomfort. There’s just no point to being uncomfortable and pregnant. My number priority when styling myself for my day-to-day and events is comfort over everything. No one is expecting you to add one more struggle to the list of many to come. Even though comfort is key, I still want to feel like that “hot mama jama” and for that. little confidence goes a long way. With so much going on with your body, you need a little pick-me-up even if it comes in the form of dressing up. 

Bump Styling 

I collaborated with a friend that owns a gorgeous clothing boutique at the Bryanston Shopping Centre to show you a few really cool styling ideas that you can remix to fit your gorgeous bump. 

Look 1 | Mellow Yellow

carla xiii how to style the bump

Look 2 | Nautical Stripes

Take me on a cruise…

Look 3 | Havana Ooh Na – Bump

Look 4 | Silky & Wavy 

Shop All the Looks

Let me know your thoughts, tips and/or suggestions in the comments section below.

Check back soon again for more updates! Until then, connect with me on social media! 


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