Life Update | Baby On the Way…

We’re having a baby!

My family and I could not be any more excited. “What to expect when you’re expecting” – turns out to not be as straight forward as one may think, even when you feel ready. Nothing prepares you… as all my friends have said to me. What I will add is, nothing prepares you for the all the positive aspects either (for some reason, I only internalised the negative aspects of that phrase), good things exist too and I’m talking about the Joy and awe of creating a human from scratch. Now I really feel like a super-woman!

My journey has been blissful, I know how fortunate I am to say that. Huge part of that is all thanks to my family/ my support system, I am eternally grateful to every one of them for making this so memorable, fun and exciting. I literally feel like we are ALL expecting and the baby belongs to us all. As they say, It takes a village… and boy do I have a tribe!

Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.

Leonardo DiCaprio

30, a Baby, what’s next?

Managing and conquering each day! Well, that’s the sum of it, but of course the behind-the-scenes tends to be a lot more complicated. I haven’t quite decided how the baby will affect my content, but I assume largely! I have learnt the hard way to not define things before they happen, a massive positive change is all I’m sure of at the moment and embracing the changes that come with motherhood. 

August was my birthday month and I turned 30! My birthday weekend and week was absolutely amazing, spent it with close friends and family, to which I also broke the news about the baby. 

Formal Evening Essentials – obsessed with my Nokia Mobile Smartphone and my MK mini bag this season!

Another notable milestone…the blog turned 3 this August! As my first real passion project, I feel truly proud of the achievements so far. It is finally a project that pays for itself and yields a small profit. Hoping to continue on this journey with you all and turn those small profits into bigger ones. The blog has taught me patience, especially in business. It has also forced me to think outside the box and venture into re-creating the future without any regrets of the past – those are all lessons. It brings me so much joy to know that I created my own lane and got rid of all the pressures that come with “creating” especially in the digital space. 

Check back soon again! 

Coming next –> A Style the Bump Series…
Pregnant never means boring, an exciting new challenge as I defy any reason to have to purchase boring maternity clothing! 


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