Carla XIII x Nokia Mobile #TheNextChapter
Carla XIII x Nokia Mobile #TheNextChapter
Carla XIII x Nokia Mobile #TheNextChapter

Carla XIII x Nokia Mobile #TheNextChapter

The past few weeks have been a nothing short of a whirlwind and suddenly, we’re a month into the second quarter of the year. I know time flies but someone needs to introduce a chill button on that.

This is it!

Behold friendssssssss, Carla XIII Blog site 2.0
At first I thought I’d do the generic updates however one thing led to another and I ended up doing some site clean up, updates and rearranging a few elements. I honestly treat this space like I do my favourite room in our apartment, it takes patience and whole lot of finessing. Subsequent to this “clean up”, I didn’t touch the blog for a couple of days and suddenly it was hacked!!! FML, SMH, WTH… inserting every angry and frustrated emoji here, surely this was the last thing I needed. Nonetheless, I got to it and like with everything else in life, you don’t quite understand why things happen, until you find yourself at the end of it all and you are beyond grateful because along the way, you learnt something new, as was the case with me.

Between my 9-5 that I love (I’ve learnt so much in just a few months), furthering my studies, building a home and managing my entrepreneurial pursuits, it’s easy to fall into the rat race. The great thing about experience, is that you learn – more importantly what NOT to do and for me, it’s becoming simpler to distinguish between the two. Mastering the art of saying “no”, for one has been empowering. Ironic that I started the year with the book “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes but alas, the pressure is on. #ALutaContinua (the fight continues).

The Next Chapter w/my Nokia mobile

If everything I just said sounded like I was complaining, that would be far from the truth – busy is good, busy is healthy and staying busy is a blessing. Which brings me to my March/ April 2018 highlight – my collaboration with Nokia Mobile.

After a really long break with the blog and creating content in general, this was a much welcomed opportunity for which I’m eternally grateful for, I don’t know what could possibly top doing what you love and getting any form of recognition for it. With this opportunity, I’ve been able to fully immerse myself in creating content outside of my comfort zone – I cannot help but feel as though this is a direct reflection of where I’m at, as a creative. I want the next thing, I’m in pursuit of “the next chapter” as a creative, point being that posting aimlessly is just not my M.O.

A major shout out and thank you to the entire team, including my co-ambassadors as well as my boyfriend who went through the creative woes with me by assisting me in curating most of the optics 😉

Nokia 6 Review

I cannot lie, I’ve been with the “fruit” brand for a long time, therefore initially my preconceived notion was that I would not be able to function with an Android. I had not worked one since forever.  To my surprise and delight, it was pretty simple. As a blogger and digital media marketer, I am already familiar with Google tools which for me adds value because on my Nokia Mobile I’m able to have all the google compatible products (apps/tools that I use to manage my pages) without the odd intricacies of conflicting software #PureAndriod .

My top key features on the Nokia 6:

  • Camera Quality:
    This baby has me looking like a hot tamale txiiii!! That is Zeiss Optics for you (refer to images below) 16 megapixels and super cool editing functions.
  • Sound Quality:
    I got the phone around the time Spotify launched and I was pleasantly surprised by it. The phone comes with Dual Amplifiers with Dolby Tech a.k.a surround sound/ true 3D sound.
  • The aesthetics of the phone – slim, sleek, aluminium body and a 2.5D gorilla glass.
  • Battery life:
    Last but certainly not least, I absolutely love this because I’m lousy at charging my devices – why do batteries die anyway? We’re sending people and cars into space and yet my battery is forever low… look, I’m just saying, thank you for being considerate of people like me Nokia Mobile.

Overall a really great phone, fast processing, large customisable potential and Android One features

So… you know I had to put all posts in a summary for you right?! Got you boo *wink, wink*.

Get into below and let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for clicking through, let’s connect soon social media.

Until then,

be you fearlessly






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