2:29 Issa Birthday Vibe

My Baby Turns 2

This time 2 years ago CARLAXIII.COM went LIVE and it’s with that very enthusiasm that today I launch a new web layout that best represents my current state of mind – minimal, inspirational, adventurous, tranquil, fresh, calm and optimistic.

29 and Still “Fine”

Sometime during this trip, whilst overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean I took a little time to reflect and suddenly it dawned on me that I was about to ring in my last year of my twenties. I can’t help but feel so blessed and fortunate for everything in my life currently especially because it’s at this age that I’ve finally found the value in being the best version of me that I can possibly be and realizing that anything I want to achieve is possible with the right mind frame and dedication.

If I had to give myself sound advice earlier in my twenties, I would have told myself:

It’s only normal to obsess over the exterior as your introduced to the world and it’s insane demands of needing you to be perfect at all times, but understand that it’s important to feel FINE on the outside as it is to be absolutely FINE on the inside. Take the time and invest in YOU, learn about emotional intelligence and practice it. Make right with your inner peace, protect that space and don’t be so hard on yourself, then sit back and watch all else will fall into place. In short “Be the ‘YASSSSS’ you wish to see in the world”.

A toast to the year ahead – I can barely wait to fill it with memorable moments and tons of growth in all aspects of my life.

A special ‘thank you’ to Radisson Blu Hotel Maputo for kickstarting my birthday weekend on such a fabulous note filled with many spoils. Here are a few pics from the beautiful hotel.


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