This is CUTE!!!

  1. So, last week was a particularly exciting week, for many reasons and one of them I’ll be sharing with you here. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and keeping up with my stories then you wouldn’t have missed all the hype I created about this Pop-Up event by CUTE Pop-Up Store.


I partnered up with CUTE Pop-Up Store, a fairly new brand in town and they had yours truly not only previewing the new collection before their first Pop-Up event, but they had me modeling a few items of which we did a pretty fun photoshoot.

Thank you to all who came through to CK Cafe, the event was a success and I’m happy to announce that the next will be taking place in three weeks (as some of you have asked), featuring an entirely new collection.

Here’s a small recap of the items from this past Pop-Up event::

For more information as well as photos of the full collection, dates and location confirmation of the next CUTE Pop-Up Store event, do follow them on Instagram (page still under construction) as well as Facebook.

Thank you to the team at CUTE Pop-Up Store for this absolutely lovely experience <3

Photos by: Lisa Daniel


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