Soul Sessions @ Soul Gourmet

Figure out what you love doing then figure out a way to be paid to do it.

Simply put, that’s how my blog came about and now my Youtube Channel, which brings me to the fact that I love responding to my readers and subscribers; and what I’ve noticed is that the question of how I started my blog and how I do it often comes up. This gives me all sorts of feels, butterflies and the works, because I love being able to mentor young girls and I’m happy that I’ve found a platform that can provide a positive impact to some of you. I can only pray to continue being so fortunate, although that alone is such a responsibility which I don’t take lightly. So, keep the questions coming, I love interacting with you all – hummm maybe I should vlog about it, give me sometime to think about how Im going to that, but I got you Boo.

Eat. Blog. Sleep. Repeat.

Guys, even bloggers have bad days, bad weeks, or months… the past few weeks have been challenging particularly with the introduction of the Youtube Channel, but it’s been such a thrill and I’ve received so much love and support. Thank you! Oh and this week (even though it’s a really rough week) a little glimmer in sky delivered the news that I’ve now reached 10 000 unique visitors on my blog. YAY! <3 Couldn’t have done without YOU. See, just thinking of you guys, the blog and all the possibilities serves as instant food for my soul, suddenly everything feel alright.

Now, enough with the soul sessions, big girls cry for one night only, drink a glass of wine, binge watch Sex and City and they get back to business. So to pick up where we left off, as you may have seen on my Instagram feed, I met with local designer Carla Parente to plan a few posts regarding Autumn/ Winter ’17 style trends etc, and because two heads are certainly better than one, a simple coffee at my one of my  places in town – Soul Gourmet, turned into a mini shoot on the cafe’s patio.

Can’t wait to share new content with you all – new video will be up on my channel tomorrow, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE , LIKE and COMMENT…


Easy does it! Still madly in love with my sleepless coat that I got from River Island last winter and I love my Tomys for the comfort.



Check back soon!




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