FLATLAYS :: For the Gram

Consider yourself a GRAM addict if you instantly think of your Instagram hashtags the moment you spot  that “perfect square” moment.

Personally, I chase these moments and in a lot of cases, it is a means of procrastination to what I really should be doing, don’t judge! As of late, i’ve been obsessing over flat-lays. I’m fairly new to this “flat-lay” concept, so for those like me who don’t know, a flat-lay photo is a photo of a single or group of items taken from above. By doing so, the visual effect is one of “flattening” the photo.

This can vary depending on your interests, so because i’m a style blogger my flat-lay tendency always includes a lifestyle item or simply the common things i carry around with me, which usually consists of my super cool canon camera, fashion magazines, accessories etc, you get the gist just my looking at my gram.

Something I’ve also learnt is that even the top or most famous bloggers don’t just snap and post, although they make it seem like they do, truth is, they all have a bunch of pretty cool treatment apps that assist majorly in turning ordinary photos into those visually aesthetic squares you double tap on a regular.  Two very common, super cool and personally my favourite apps are: VSCO Cam for iPhone and Snapseed.

Thank me later.

The eyes of Instagram are upon you. Make it worth the look!

My really good attempt at a flat-lay!

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Wishing you all a great weekend!!!



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